March 23

What is Love ?

What is Love?

This is the question which is hovering over mind of men and women for generations. Some have tried to analyse it, others have preferred to leave it in the realm of ineffable. When we say “I love you”, what exactly is meaning of Love. Does it truly exist and if so, is it understandable, comprehensible, and describable? But, do we possess the proper intellectual capacity to understand it, we may only grasp a glimpse as Socrates argues in The Symposium.

Accordingly, it may be partially described, or hinted at, in a dialectic or analytical interpretation of the concept but never understood in itself because perhaps it can never be grasped by the human mind or language. Philosophy and religion has their own concept on this phenomenon. Psychology has also done lot of dissection to reach its essence, just like what biology, anthropology and neuroscience has also done to it.

The meaning of true love changes with each different relationship and depends more on its concept of depth, versatility, and complexity. It can take many forms. At the lowest level it is chemistry and biology which explain it as a powerful neurological condition like hunger or thirst, only more permanent. Biology says that it is nothing but the play of hormones. When a man and women are attracted towards each other, they think they are falling but what if some hormones are playing inside them and this is not love but mere attraction. This is pure chemistry; at the lowest point it is not more than that. But how can we explain man love for music or painting. This is surely not hormonal. This is not Chemistry. Van Gogh, a painter, sacrificed his life for Love of painting. This is something higher than chemistry, higher than hormonal. But there is still a higher level; the love of Buddha, the love of Jesus, the love of Krishna. Now it has taken completely different form. Buddha loves everyone, because he has too much to share it. He is burdened by the love released in him; it has to be shared with the trees, with the birds, with people, with animals, with whosoever comes by.

When we say we love somebody, what exactly we mean? If we mean we hold that person. This gives birth to jealousy, because if I lose that person then what happens? I feel empty, lost; therefore I restrict that person. From holding, there is jealousy, insecurity, fear of losing and innumerable conflicts that arises from holding. And this holding is not true love is it? Also, it is neither emotional nor sentimental. Because these are only sensations which are process of thought and surely thought is not true love. Person who is sentimental or emotional cannot know it. This is because the emotions can be stirred negatively where a person is vulnerable to hatred or fight. Therefore, we can say that when there is room for these things, there is no Love. They are all generated from the mind. Mind can only corrupt love but, cannot give birth to it. When these things disappear, and when the things of the mind don’t fill your heart, then there is love. It is only when you do not restrict, when you do not hold, you are not jealous, not greedy, when you have mercy and compassion, when you have consideration for your wife, your children, your neighbor, and your unfortunate servants.

It is just like breathing. It should be just a quality, no matter what you doing, whom u meeting, where you are, it goes on overflowing from you. It is not about being in love with someone, it is about being love. You don’t love the object instead, you are love. It is not dependent on the object, but is a radiation of your subjectivity a radiation of your soul.

Don’t wait to love the right person. Then the right person will never come. Just love. The more you love, the more is the possibility for the right person to happen, because your heart starts flowering. And a flowering heart attracts many bees, many lovers. Finally, everybody has their own idea. And only when you come to the state where all ideas about love have disappeared, where it is no more an idea but simply your being, then only will you know its freedom.


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